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Pilates is the brainchild of Joseph Pilates who pioneered this new approach early in the last century.  His exercise philosophy has evolved through the decades with the progress of modern health sciences into a formidable, unique exercise programme which is founded on these classic tenets:

  • Focus on strengthening the centre or the core of the body first, often named the ‘powerhouse’ in the lower torso. 
  • Full commitment to the exercise, to isolate different muscle groups and obtain maximum value from each movement.
  • Complete muscular control as no body part is left to its own devices and muscle stabilisation is key.
  • Awareness of correct form, posture and precision in the execution of movement and alignment relative to other body parts.
  • Good breathing effectively oxygenates the blood, helps minimise unnecessary muscle tension, focuses the mind and brings natural rhythm to movement that enhances the efficacy of a workout. Relieves stress and tension.
  • Human movement is by nature, continuous, never fragmented or isolated.  Concentrate on fluidity and ease as you move through the exercises.